Social Enterprise

Salmagundi’s is a social enterprise. Restaurant & conceptstore/workplace under one roof. We work with people who had to flee from their home country and want to build a new life in the Netherlands. We also welcome people who need a sheltered workplace. All together we form a close tea,  we make the most beautiful things and dishes. Our motto: ‘A community works wonders’.

SALMAGUNDI:  Original a culinary meaning. It refers to a large salad dish; a wide variety of flavors, colors and textures on one plate. Reportedly, it is also the name of a stew that was served on Pirate ships. Made of what the cook had on-hand.

In figurative sense it is a mix of (living) styles, a hodgepodge combined into a tasteful whole.  Our team is a beautiful mix of diverse people, our food a tastful mix of dishes and our interior an inspiring mix of styles. And so the people, the food and the place form a briljant mix!