Baklava: Fresh and crispy from a local Middle Eastern bakery, not to sweet and with a lot of nuts  4.95
Arabic coffeemousse with yoghurt and raspberries: Dessert with a flair of the mysterious Oriënt 4.95
Khoshaf: Dried fruit and nut compote, dessert of the Ottoman empire 4.95


 Loaded hummus: Homemade hummus with a topping of boiled egg, union, harissa,-and corianderoil served with freshly baked flat bread  4.95
 Labneh with fresh figs and candied walnut: Soft, fresh cream cheese made from Turkish yoghurt, served with homemade flat bread  5.5
 Zucchini fritters with mint and feta: Healthy vegetarian fritters  5.5
 Shakshuka (for 1 or 2 people): Pan with poached eggs in a sauce of tomatoes, bell peppers and onion served with flat bread.  7.0 p.p


 Kofte with labneh, shatta, onion & flat bread: Meatballs  (minced  beef) a popular Turkish mezze  8.95
 Lentil kofte with labneh, shatta, onion & flat bread: Vegetarian Turkish mezze with homemade Palestinian chilinsauce  8.5
 Quail eggball (3 pieces): Quail eggs in fried ragout a popular snack in Groningen  5.75
Fried sardines with fresh salad: Tasty fish full of vitamin D 8.95
Lentil salad with tahini, lemon juice and crispy onions: Vegan salad, delicious side dish 6.5
Filo pastry with spinach, walnuts and caramelized onion (3 pieces): Healthy and fresh 9.5
Fried mushrooms with poached egg and caramelized union: Surprising combination, you’ve never eaten mushrooms like this before!  8,95
Basket with homemade flat bread: Freshly baked 2.50


 Ropa Vieja (mezze): Shredded beef and vegetables that resemble a heap of colorful rags- that’s Ropa Vieja, a dish with a prominente place in the cuisine of the Canary Islands 8.5
 As main dish served with rice and bean salad 14.95
 Shrimp stew with tomato, ginger and coriander pesto (mezze): Adventurous dish from the Gaza cuisine, light & fresh. Ginger and shrimp combine perfectly! 8.50
 As main dish served with rice and green salad 14.95
Roasted cauliflower with fried garlic (mezze): Your mezze table isn’t complete without this tasty cauliflower snack! 5.95
As main dish served with Palestinian yogurt risotto & roasted pumpkin 14.95


Mezze snack board* (minimum 2 people) : Salmagundi’s favorite: a board full of mezze; hummus, salade, marinated artichoke, spiced eggs, labneh, roasted almonds with saffron and lemon, home marinated olives, kofte and more. Served with flat bread. Party on your table!

  • The mezze can vary but are always tasty and surprising! On request completely vega(n)
10.95 PP


Fresh orange jus 3
Juice from the orchard 2.50
Glass of red / white wine 3.20
Beer 2.50
Spa red/blue, cola, ice tea, ginger ale, rivella, tonic, bitter lemon 2.25


Espresso 2.5
Double espresso 2.75
Cappuccino 3.0
Coffee/Lungo 2.75
Americano 2.75
Filter coffee 2.0
Latte Macchiato 3.5
Espresso Macchiato 3.5
Hot choclate (with whipped cream) 2.00 (2.50 with whipped cream
Tea 2.5
Tea with fresh mint or ginger 3.5